Bark in the Park 2018

2016 Team RVAH
2016 Team RVAH

Roscoe Village Animal Hospital

Roscoe Village Animal Hospital (RVAH), located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago, is proud to support The Anti-Cruetly Society in their annual Bark in the Park Fundraiser. At RVAH, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive, high quality veterinary care with an emphasis on exceptional client service. 

Roscoe Village Animal Hospital is a Veterinary Ambassador for The Anti Cruelty Society. One important way that Veterinary Ambassadors support the Society is they provide the initial wellness examination for our adopters’ new pets for $20. This benefit is for one visit within 90 days of adopting from the Society. They will also give adopters a five percent discount on any needed diagnostic tests, vaccinations, or procedures recommended during the wellness exam. 

The Anti-Cruelty Society was established in 1899 and forever changed the landscape of animal welfare throughout the Chicago region. Since that time, the Society has endured as Chicago's oldest and largest open admission animal welfare organization. A certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the recipient of a four-star Charity Navigator rating, The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people.  

Today, The Anti-Cruelty Society remains the oldest and the largest open admission animal welfare organization in Chicago. All animals are welcome at the Society every day of the year. The Society never turns an animal away from their doors. However, the care that they provide to animals in need is only possible through the friendship and support of the community.

Thank you for choosing to donate to The Anti-Cruetly Society through the RVAH Team page! 

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